The Last Faberge’s: The Limelighter Affair

In all of the annals of historical past there have been nice deeds completed by virtuous males. However, too many occasions the great that was completed is violently obliterated and obscured by villainous acts perpetrated by the evil intentions of those that thirst for energy, management and wealth. And, so begins probably the most diabolical plot for international domination within the historical past of man. The 12 months was 1307 King Philip of France desperately wanted cash and each he and Pope Clement realized that the Templar Knights order had amassed big fortunes ever since their humble beginnings. Collectively they got down to take down the order of the Templar Knights and confiscate each final little bit of their huge fortunes.

When Jacques de Molay acquired phrase that King Phillip of France had issued warrants for his or her arrest the grand marshal of the Templar Knights shortly set in movement an escape plan for the Templar’s huge treasures. From the port of La Rochelle the place 18 ships had been outfitted the knights shortly smuggled out of their headquarters of Champagne their huge wealth. By 1313 on Friday the13th King Philip began arresting lots of the Templar Knights that had been nonetheless in France. For over 200 years the Templar Knights had been trusted guardians of the Pope, the Catholic Church and the monarchies of Europe. However, all that modified by the greed of King Philip and Pope Clement V.

The Templar Knights huge treasure has captivated man ever since that fateful day of Friday the 13th in 1313. Historians can solely theorize how the Knights managed to smuggle treasures relationship again to antiquity out of France in a time of nice peril. The one clue to the place this treasure lies is in a manuscript hat has been hidden for hundreds of years. When folks take into consideration latest theories such because the legend of Oak Island or the castles in Scotland that would maintain vital clues if not treasures themselves we’ve got at all times neglected the one piece of the puzzle that might clear up the thriller of the Templar Knights Fortune. That’s till it took Professor Swartz efforts on decoding what’s now referred to as the Voynich Manuscript.

By the 12th century the Templar Knights had discovered the hidden location of Alexander the Greats tomb. However, with a purpose to hold others from discovering the tomb Jocques Rene one of many few Templar Knights that was proficient in devising secret coded messages purposely got down to report a secret manuscript that nobody would be capable to decipher besides a Templar Knight. This ingenious plan to cover the unique contents utilizing codes that solely a delegated Templar would be capable to decipher cemented the legacy of the whereabouts of the Templar Knights fortune. A secret that was hidden for hundreds of years. For the subsequent 4 hundred years the remaining Templar’s assimilated into different orders such because the Freemasons or the Illuminate. All that point the codes for the unique manuscript was handed down to 1 designated descendant of the order of the Knights Templar. Within the years and centuries that adopted the Templar’s manuscript was usually seen or bought however nobody might really perceive it is contents.

In 1907 Vladimere Kurshev a descendant of the order of the Knights Templar was already a confidant of Nicholas II. He was the one designated Templar Knight who had possession of the codes to the unique Templar’s manuscript. When World Battle I broke out Vladimere knew that Nicholas II was failing the folks of Russia. By 1916 he notice the Tsar was in deep trouble. Making an attempt to persuade Nicholas to cover his huge fortune earlier than the nation revolted Nicholas relented and gave Vladimere full cost to smuggle his fortune out of Russia. Little did Nicholas notice his complete households destiny was already in movement. Out of Russia and recorded within the codes enclosed in what’s now referred to as the Voynich Manuscript had been the placement of the Tsar’s huge fortune, the placement of Alexander The Greats Tomb and the place the misplaced metropolis of Atlantis lies. Because the Bolsheviks overtook the Kremlin and captured the Romanoff household Vladimere had little time to search out one other member of the Order of Templar’s to go alongside the codes and the manuscript. Fortuitously, he managed to flee to the foot hills of Afghanistan. The key to the whereabouts of the Templar’s treasure simply vanished and light into historical past.

Current Day:

Was it luck or likelihood that Tom Hardy by no means made it to the airport in time to hitch the Swartz’s expedition we’ll in all probability by no means know. However, for Tom a second likelihood of fixing one in all histories biggest mysteries and one in all as we speak’s most hideous crimes is all it took to get him again to the airport in time. It has been two weeks since Tom first acquired phrase of the Professors homicide and now Tom was beginning to decide up the items of simply why Professor Swartz and the remainder of his expedition had been murdered within the foothills of Northern Afghanistan. The ill-fated journey seeking the Nicholas II treasure now sparked a renewed curiosity to search out what the Professor discovered and produce these answerable for the homicide of his complete expedition to justice.

Tom Hardy, the final remaining protégé of Professor Swartz now realized the significance of the Professor’s work. It was Professor Swartz who occurred to come across the Voynich Manuscript on his most up-to-date journey to Afghanistan. With the assistance of Notre Dame’s Archaeology Division’s Professor Sue Altworth a linguistics professional and Dr. Harry Cohen, professor of Jewish historical past will retrace Professor Swartz steps in Afghanistan to search out precisely what the professor discovered and had hoped to search out.

As they boarded their non-public jet the thrill of a journey of a lifetime quickly changed into a sober realization that they had been headed in territory stuffed with sudden risks. Amongst their belongings was a duplicate of the Voynich Manuscript the place Dr. Altworth quickly found what the Professor was actually on the lookout for. Upon nearer inspection of this manuscript they unearthed hidden codes from which the remainder of the Manuscript may very well be deciphered. Now, it turned away from the significance of what the Swartz expedition was looking for. And,it wasn’t simply to search out the treasure of Nicholas II both. The Voynich Manuscript with a part of the codes that Professor Swartz found they might be capable to reveled the placement of Alexander The Nice’s tomb, the Templar’s treasure, and the placement of the Misplaced Metropolis of Atlantis.

As their jet soared into the heavens Sue turning to one of many pages within the Voynich Manuscript ” Look that is what we’re on the lookout for. It reads the Tomb of the Nice Alexander lies beneath three hills of ascending heights every one is ten cubits increased than the subsequent. That is what the Professor was looking for. This Voynich manuscript has been the important thing all alongside to discovering histories most elusive mysteries. The expedition to Northern Afghanistan was only a cowl for the true motive why Professor Swartz was really looking for.” Tom placing down his glass “The pinnacle of the Archaeology Division should have identified what the Professor was looking for for he too deciphered this manuscript however feared if phrase ever acquired out would instigate a world treasure hunt that might solely show disastrous.” In the long run it actually did show disastrous for the Swartz expedition.

Little does the Hardy expedition know the hazards that await and what discovering the reality behind the homicide of Professor Swartz could have on the survival of mankind. It’s again in Washington beneath tight safety at Andrews Air Drive Base aboard Air Drive One which President Smith is assembly along with his closet advisors on the newest developments in Saudi Arabia. The latest terrorist assault have introduced many Arab nations collectively the place yet one more assault would ship the world into chaos. The catastrophe in Mecca was stealthy deliberate, coordinated and executed has now made it clear that there actually isn’t any secure haven.

Already on board Air Drive One was the Secretary of State, Common Wiscoft and two secret service brokers, Lenny and Hugh. As President Smith handed every one a sealed doc “Folks we’re on the verge of going to defcon four. President Boris Sadinski and I now know that the assault on Mecca got here from a sub someplace within the western Indian Ocean. Common I’m assigning Lenny and Hugh to your workers. You bought to search out that sub. If you get to Cairo your Russian counterparts will be a part of you. God pace males.” With that the three males left Air Drive One and boarded a ready jet sure for Cairo.

Because the Hardy expedition landed in Kabul a US armed transport was ready. Underneath tight safety the three together with 5 members of US marines headed towards Professors Swartz final location. Turning to face Sue Tom now placing on bullet proof vest “Simply think about we’re on the verge of really fixing one in all histories most elusive mysteries. All my life I’ve been intrigued by Alexander The Nice’s closing resting place and right here we’re because of the Voynich Manuscript which fortunately you managed to decode a lot of what’s written. And, but there’s a lot extra that must be decoded. I’m wondering what number of extra mysteries lie simply ready to be solved that this guide holds.”

Again in Washington Col. Limelighter the performing head of the Nationwide Intelligence Company acquired a direct order type President Smith to contact the Hardy expedition and warn them of attainable terrorists which have lively cells in and across the location of the place Professor Swartz was. Col. Limelighter knew instinctively that the assault on Professor Swartz was greater than a random act of terrorism. Placing two and two collectively the assault on Mecca. and the Swartz murders had been simply too coincidental. These nicely coordinated assaults triggered Col. Limelighter into realizing that President Smith was proper. A splinter group was attempting to deliver the world’s democracies tumbling down.

On Friday the 13th 2020 because the world grapples with a World Pandemic, an atomic bomb that exploded in Mecca two weeks earlier and the Swartz homicide has despatched the remainder of the world into chaos. When Professor Sue Altworth additional deciphers the coded messages she stumbles upon the belief of why Professor Swartz was murdered. Proper in entrance of Tom and Dr, Cohen, Sue revealed the map to the place the Templars treasure was and one other map to the place the Romanoff’s fortune lies. The third map that was uncovered should be the placement of Atlantis Sue reveled. If Sue might decipher these codes certainly the terrorists that raided Professor Swartz would have entry as nicely. A race to seize these hidden riches was no on.

The decision to Col. Limelighter from Tom Hardy despatched the wheels in movement for an enormous effort to mobilize a particular armed forces unit to the Island of Malta. There beneath two temples on the outskirts of Zurreg lies the treasures of the ages. The templars left the port of La Rochelle and sailed to Malta with treasures relationship again to the time of Alexander the Nice. In 1917 with the assistance of loyalists to Nicholas II Vladimere smuggled out of Russia Nicholas his huge fortune. Vadimere would go to Afghanistan whereas the treasure can be transported to Malta. All for diversion to maintain the placement and vacation spot a secret. There beneath the temple of Hagar Qim lies the best treasures within the historical past of the world. Little did Col. Limelighter notice that opposing forces had been already in transit.

Pope Gregory the V, Common Vadimar Slothcolf and Cardinal Sabestain the masterminds behind the intentional unleashing of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the dropping of the atomic bomb on Mecca and the homicide of Professor Swartz. These had been all premeditated for the only objective to destabilize the world and confiscate the riches which have remained hidden for hundreds of years A plot so sinister with the riches of the world behind them international domination was assured.

The forces of excellent verses evil had been now converging on the island of Malta. The race was on to seize the wealth of the world that remained so elusive. Tom Hardy and Professor Sue Altworth together with Dr.Cohen had been en path to Malta. Col. Limelighter now in command with a particular forces was already organising a base on the south aspect of Malta a couple of miles away from the temple of Hagar Qim, Inside hours the armed forces of Common Vadimar Slothcolf arrived on the north aspect of the island. Underneath the duvet of the night time Tom, Sue and Dr. Cohen had been combing by way of the inside tunnels beneath the temple. As violence erupted above beneath a entice door was an passage means that was untouched for 100 years resulting in a cavern laden with historic artifacts, gold,silver, emeralds and relics of intrusive worth. So huge was this discover Tom realized it could take a convoy of no less than 100 semi’s to move all that was discovered. Dr. Cohen put a estimate on the worth of this historic discover and informed Tom and Sue this treasure trove of treasures was price no less than $1 trillion US . With that form of monetary backing if this fortune had been to fall in evil palms the world will likely be ceaselessly enclosed in darkness.

Inside hours Col Limelighter discovered Tom, Sue and Dr. Cohen standing in what is going to change into an historic landmark that may go down as the best discover within the historical past of the world and yelled it’s time to get this loot to a secure haven. President Smith together with the Russian President Boris Sadinski had been now touchdown in Italy to confront Pope Gregory. In only a matter of hours the world realized simply how shut humanity got here to being subjected to the tyrannical rule of an insane Pope. Inside days the Pope and Cardinal Sabestain had been excommunicated and exiled to Snake Island. President Boris Sadinski was now in a position to arrest Common Vadimar Slothcoff. The plot to undermine the worlds democracies was thwarted. The vaccine for the Pandemic was now nicely on it is approach to stabilize humanity and the remainder of the terrorists cells had been now inside attain of being eradicated.

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